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  • An Update on Things

    I haven't been paying enough attention lately. I know I posted months ago about new material and a 10" vinyl version of Similis. 

    It may be a good time to provide an update to those who care to have one. 

    New Material

    In all passion projects, like this, one makes plans, things come up that complicate those plans, or renders said plans completely meaningless. 

    That's pretty much what is happening here. I thought certain things would unfold in one way, they didn't, i underestimated other more pressing matters, and overestimated my ability to produce new material. 

    It is happening. I try to work on things in the evenings. Now the question is what is being worked on any good? It's different, that's all I can say. 

    When will something come out? This year i think. 

    Similis Vinyl

    There was a post on Facebook/Twitter alluding to a vinyl version of Similis. When that was first posted it was my intention to have it out by now (mid-July 2017) but I've fallen short on funds. I thought I would have been able to pay for this, but things didn't turn out that way. 

    I do not believe in pre-orders, I'd hate to accept people's money only to fail and then go through the process of refunding those who did take the blind leap of faith. That seems unfair to you. 

    And real talk, it's not like there's this huge audience for Sky Flying By. That makes this even riskier. 

    Which brings me to the next thing, I would never do a crowd funding effort for this either, for the same reasons. When a vinyl version does come out, and it will (I'll get to that in a minute), if i can sell 20 or 30 of these, i'll consider it a success. 

    A vinyl version will come out, simply for the fact that it's something I want to do. Like everything with this project, the only thing that drives me is that it's something I just want to do. If someone else happens to like what comes out, then that's just (extra rich awesome) icing on the cake. 

    I looked at lathe cutting, but I'm not completely sold on the final product, and the packaging is something I want to do right. Lathe cutting means much lower runs and is therefore much cheaper, but I really don't want to take that short cut. I do like the things folks like Audio Geography are doing, and perhaps something special may be done, but I do have my mind set on a full pressing (of 300 or so records)

    I'm not going to give an estimate of when this will come out, it mosly depends on money. I hate that that is the case, but it is what it is. I figure I'll just be honest.