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  • (Re) Routed Test Pressings Showed Up

    The test pressings for (Re) Routed showed up today. Spent the evening going over them, and they sound really good. I am getting better at this mixing/producing thing. Still a long way to go, more practice before this imposter syndrome goes away. 

    Of course the mastering was outstanding. Taylor Deupree did such an amazing job mastering this record. And recording it in amazing studio (Q Division) with a very talented engineer, James Bridges, made all the difference. 

    This record was a long time in the making. I started writing it in October of 2017 with the basic structure for about 15 songs. I then produced demos for 11 then cut it down to 10. I then spent a couple months this past winter writing the arrangements and editing, recording the guitar parts and figuring out a lot of the synth parts as well. Recording started in the spring first with tracking the string quartet for two of the songs followed shortly by a session in May where I recorded all of the drums and percussion. Then in June spent a day working on piano tracks and re-amping guitars and bass. I started mixing in July, and it took me all of July and August finally delivering the finished mixes to mastering the last week of August. Then there's the whole month of September getting everything prepared for the label, for pressing, covers getting printed, a ton of stuff.

    So, I've lived with this thing for a year and change, and getting it to this point is just a massive accomplishment for me. 

    I honestly have no idea if this record is any good, i'm actually rather indifferent as only I can be (that would make sense if you knew me), so I'm perfectly open to the idea that it isn't very good, but what I am proud of is that i got it here. And if anyone listens and enjoys it, then that will mean the world to me.