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  • Release Day and Realizations

    Well, today was supposed to be release day for (Re) Routed. A record i worked really hard making, and yeah it's not the best thing in the world, and like everything else i produce, it's not exactly designed for a huge audience, but today has been a let down. 

    When you are an obscure, unheard of artist, you rely on Bandcamp. Spotify, itunes, etc. while nice, you may as well not even exist (which you don't, at all), but Bandcamp nothing-artists like me actually stand a chance at building an audience. Today (Re) Routed was supposed to be released there, and it wasn't. I don't actually know what happened. 

    I haven't been notified of any problems. No emails have been sent to let people know about this record, none of the things you typically expect with the day of a release. I would be fine doing it myself, as I have for years, but this release is supposed to be on a label, and I'm not going to step on anyone's toes. 

    i'm prone to think of the worst possible contigencies (i blame my day job for that), and all I can think of is that they forgot. It happens, humans forget things. But, that just feels terrible. LIke I said at the beginning, i'll never be a needle mover for a label, and that this project will never be a priority for anyone (except for me), but to be forgotten? I should just be told that this isn't the kind of thing that can be marketed to people and I would be fine with that. Letting me believe that I had some support, that just sucks. 

    So, after today's humiliating failure, i think i will be scaling back my activity here. Pressing this record on vinyl, as today has shown, was a huge mistake. i have other projects that i'm not as emotionally invested as i am with this one. Maybe i'll feel differently given some time.